Friday, February 5, 2010

The West Owes Haiti a Bailout And it Would be a Hand-Back, not a Handout

The West Owes Haiti a Bailout. And it Would be a Hand-Back, not a Handout--
The Caribbean nation should be reimbursed for centuries of punitive treatment and brutality by the outside world, by Gary Younge, The Guardian, January 31, 2010 Last week started with a conference in Montreal, called by a group of governments and international agencies calling themselves Friends of Haiti, to discuss the long and short term needs of the recently devastated Caribbean nation. Even as corpses remained under the earthquake's rubble and the government operated out of a police station, the assembled "friends" would not commit to cancelling Haiti's $1bn debt. Instead they agreed to a 10-year plan with no details, and a commitment to meet again – when the bodies have been buried along with coverage of the country – sometime in the future. More...

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