Thursday, February 11, 2010

IPS News Agency--US-HAITI: Civil Rights Delegation Calls for Reparations

US-HAITI: Civil Rights Delegation Calls for Reparations, by Matthew Cardinale, Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS), February 11, 2010 A U.S. delegation to Haiti led by civil rights veteran Joe Beasley is calling for a 30-billion-dollar restitution payment by France to help Haiti rebuild after the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake, and the end of what Beasley refers to as an unofficial blockade of Haiti. Beasley, 73, was part of a six-person delegation that travelled to Haiti Jan. 22 to 27. The group spent two days in the Dominican Republic trying to gain official clearance to enter, Beasley said. After being unsuccessful, they decided to enter Haiti on their own and stayed for three days. More...

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