Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rescuing Haiti - Our Opinion: Grant work permits, upgrade immigration status, Miami Herald, January 14, 2010

Today's Miami Herald editorial (January 14, 2010), "Rescuing Haiti - Our Opinion: Grant work permits, upgrade immigration status" (excerpt:)

"Every nation needs to pitch in, but there is something only the U.S. government can do that would alleviate Haiti's suffering: Give Haitians already here and in danger of being deported a chance to remain in this country with the right to work.

"Grant TPS

"Authorizing the policy of ``deferred enforced departure'' would halt deportations. That would allow Haitians who pay an annual fee of $340 to get a work permit and earn money so they can send desperately needed dollars to relatives and friends in Haiti. Under the circumstances, the fee should be waived.

"Better yet, the government can at long last grant Temporary Protected Status to Haitians to enable them to live and work in this country for a set period of time without having to hide from immigration authorities. Surely, this latest catastrophe should settle the question of whether Haitians deserve TPS.

"President Obama rightly labeled this Haiti tragedy ``cruel and incomprehensible.'' It would be equally cruel and incomprehensible for the U.S. government to refuse to help undocumented Haitians in this country in Haiti's time of torment."

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