Friday, January 22, 2010

"History of Haitian Holocaust": Pambazuka

Pan-African Voices for Freedom and Justice writer Greg Palast gives his thoughts on Haiti's "Holocaust" and ill-treatment by the U.S. government and IMF.

Jan. 21, 2010- Greg Palast
"The right testicle of Hell: History of a Haitian holocaust"

‘There's no such thing as a 'natural' disaster,’ writes Greg Palast, ‘200,000 Haitians have been slaughtered by slum housing and IMF “austerity” plans.’ Palast takes a look both at international community’s response to the Haiti earthquake and at its role in impoverishing a nation that was once the wealthiest in the western hemisphere.

1. Bless the President for having rescue teams in the air almost immediately. That was President Olafur Grimsson of Iceland. On Wednesday, the AP reported that the President of the United States promised, ‘The initial contingent of 2,000 Marines could be deployed to the quake-ravaged country within the next few days.’ ‘In a few days,’ Mr Obama?

2. There's no such thing as a 'natural' disaster. 200,000 Haitians have been slaughtered by slum housing and IMF ‘austerity’ plans.

3. A friend of mine called. Do I know a journalist who could get medicine to her father? And she added, trying to hold her voice together, ‘My sister, she's under the rubble. Is anyone going who can help, anyone?’ Should I tell her, ‘Obama will have Marines there in “a few days?'Read more here....

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