Friday, April 23, 2010

Haitian-Dominican Relations Warming After Quake

Haitian-Dominican Relations Warming After Quake, by Garry Pierre-Pierre, Inter Press Service News Agency, April 20, 2010 Angela Solis de Pena remembered the story that her parents told her of a Haitian man who tried to rape a Dominican woman; after the woman escaped the man chased her and hacked her to death."I was petrified of Haitians," Solis de Pena said. "It made me think of them differently for a long time." Now a 34-year-old administrator of a preschool here in Santiago, Solis de Pena said she doesn't know whether the story was true or not. What she does know is that it made her fear and loathe Haitians, and it was not until she went to college and began reading the Bible and interacting with Haitian students that she realised that perhaps that tale was stretched a bit. More...

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