Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MDC-T shocked by Mugabe claims

MDC-T has described President Robert Mugabe’s claims that the three political parties in the unity agreement have not reached an agreement as a “gobsmacking political somersault” which will not be tolerated. Mugabe told a Zanu PF central committee meeting on Friday that Zanu PF was still insisting that it would not compromise in the current talks over outstanding Global Political Agreement (GPA) issues until sanctions imposed by the West were removed.

His outbursts were at variance with comments by the mediator South African President Jacob Zuma that the parties had agreed to a package of measures during his intervention a fortnight ago.

The negotiators met on Thursday and Friday and are expected to round off the talks tomorrow. A report will be presented to Zuma before the Southern African Development Community considers a way forward. More...

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